MiscEl: Attenuator network

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This page is used to design different kind of attenuator networks:

Input values

SectionsHow many different attuentations level is required, with "decade" type circuits keeps this value below 7
ZinInput impedans of the attenuator network, output impednace is assumed to be very high (i.e. a voltage follower/amplifier)
Step sizeWhat steps to use, dependig on the attenuator type it may be in either dB or times
VrefReference level, on input circuits this is the full range level without the attenuator, on output this is the output level without attenuator
UinA test value, the right attuentator setting is automatic chosen (for input) and the output level calculate
Show sectionsWhen checkmarked information will be shown for each section

Output values

RThe resistors required for the attenuator
Last section UoutOutput level for last section with specified input level (Uin).
S/N at lowest levelOutput voltage compared to resistor noise for last output, calculated over audio frequence range (20KHz)
First xxx selectorThe first range on the xxx selector
Last xxx selectorThe last range on the xxx selector
ZinActuel Zin with the selected resistors
Max. errorThe highest error, all ranges are checked for error and the worst is shown
Min. UoutOutput level at lowest range
Selector positionSelector range used to calculate the following values
Uout at positionOutput voltage at this selector position
Error at positionActuel error at this selector position
Readout would beWhat a meter readout would be (adjustet to selected range), including attenuator errors
SectionSpecific value for this position on the selector, only shown if "Show sections" is checked
xxx selectorSetting on selector for this section
UoutOutput voltage with Uin connected
VerrorError in value for this section
ZoutActuel output impedance for this section
VstepActuel change from previous section


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