MiscEl: Charge time

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Analyze and design different oscillator circuits

Circuits supported

One resistorUse the same resistor to charge and discharge a capacitor
Two resistorsUse one resistor for charging and another resistor for discharging a capacitor
Combined resistorOne resistor is used for both charging and discharging, the other only for charging
555 oscillatorThe classic 555 oscillator circuit
555 timerThe classis 555 timer circuit

Input fields

ThresholdSelect between specifying the threshold in absolute volts or in percents of the charge voltage
Uchg/disThe voltages use to charge and discharge the capacitor, Uchg is usual the supply voltage and Udis is usual 0 volt
ThresholdThe level where the oscillator switch between charge and discharge
R or Rchg/disThe resistor(s) used to charge/discharge the capacitor
CThe capacitor used
TimeCharge/discharge time when designing a circuit
OscilloscopeShows waveforms from different parts of the circuit

Output values

R Rchg, RdisCalculated resistors
TimeTime for charge/discharge or total time
Charge added/removedCharge added or removed when charging/discharging
Max. currentMaximum current in resistor/capacitor during charge/discharge
Min. currentMinimum current in resistor/capacitor during charge/discharge
TauThe product of R and C
FrequenceOscillating frequence
Duty cycleDuty cycle of oscillation

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