MiscEl: Periodic table

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This page shows the periodic table, different colored overlays can be selected to different material properties. A list of properties for a specific element will be shown when it is selected.


ENTERSwitch between overlay selection and table navigation
LetterAny letter will search in the periodic table for next elements with that symbol or that has a name starting with that letter*
+/-Move to next/previous element*
Arrow keysMove around in the periodic table
SPACESelect next element with same overlay color*
Mouse clickSelect element and show info
OverlayChanges color of the periodic table according to some element properties
Element info windowWhen this is checkmarked a window with more information about the elements is shown
*Moving around is based on atomic number, i.e. Lanthanides and Actinides are including at their atomic number location.


ClassificationClassification of elements
StateThe elements state at a specified temperature. The pressure is assumed to be 101325 Pa
Exist in natureElement exist in nature
Melting pointMelting point of element
Boiling pointBoiling point of element
Specific heat capacitySpecific heat capacity of element
Electrical resitivityElectrical resitivity of element
DensityDensity of element
RadioactiveShow if element is radioactive, i.e. has no stable isotopes