MiscEl: Photo light

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This page is used to evaluate different camera settings in different light.

Input values

Light value (LV)Actual light level
FiltersFilters mounted on the lens
ApertureAperture selected on camera/lens (For AE/AF calculations this is assumed to be maximum aperture)
ShutterShutter speed, in seconds or fractions of a second
ISO sensitititySensitivity of film/sensor
Flash guide numberGuide number of flash, fill either the "meter" or the "feet" field
Flash powerFlash power setting
Flash distance (meter)Distance from flash to object

Output values

The table shows equivalent aperture/shutter settings.
Light valueThe selected light value
FilterSelected filter
Exposure valueExposure value calculated from aperture and shutter time
Required exposureWhat exposure is required for selected sensor/film ISO setting (ISO100 requires 0)
ExposureShows difference between required exposure, combination of LV, filter and EV
Flash guide numberDisplays flash guide number
Flash rangeShow what range the flash must be used on for correct exposure. Flash on automatic settings will automatic reduce power to avoid over exposure.
Flash exposureCalculates the actual flash exposure from the above parameters
Light for AF and AECalculates what AF/AE specification the camera must have for this situation
Brightness of sceneConvert to technical light measurement value


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