MiscEl: Serial communication

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This page can show curves and timing for different serial communications formats. It is designed to be a help when doing software uart's and programming infared transmitters and receivers.
The program has support for the following formats:

Reading and using the drawing

The drawing has many bits of information. It can be zoomed with the vertial slider at the right side. When zoomed it is possible to adjust what parts is shown with the horizontal slider (only visible when zoomed).

Input fields

Only some of these fields are show at a time.
BaudSpecify baudrate, a lot of standard baudrates are listet. When "other" is selected, one more "baud" field is shown and any baud value can be typed in this field (up to 10Mbaud)
BitsDatabits in communication, ascii requires 7 bits
ParityParity is used as a simple check on the data validity (only for odd/even)
Stop bitsStopbits signal the end of a byte and can give the receiver time to do some processing
MSB firstSend MSB (highest number bit) first
High levelLine level for 1-bit value, this level can be lover that "Low level"
Low levelLine level for 0-bit value, this level can be higher than "High level"
TextAscii text to encode, the bytes are clipped to specified number of bits
DataExpression with data, this makes it possible to specify 9-bit values (i.e 314 is a 9-bit value)
IR subformatWhen same protocol has multiple formats, they can be selected here
ManufacturManufactur code
Address/typeEquipment type
CommandCommand to equipment
Show time to bitsShow detailed timing of each databit

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