MiscEl: Sound

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This page can calculate some sound and hearing releated value.
Many of the calculations are restricted to the hearing range of frequencies.


Speed/WavelengthCalculate sound speed/wavelength in air, depending on frequence and temperature
Absorption of sound in airAttenuation in air, depending on temperature, frequence and humidity. The curve is drawn depending on kind selection. These calculations do not give the correct values when sound is passing over landscape.
Weight ACorrection for hearing sensitivity at low sound levels
Weight BCorrection for hearing sensitivity at medium sound levels (Very seldom used)
Weight CCorrection for hearing sensitivity at high sound levels
Weight DCorrection for hearing sensitivity for airplane sound
Weight UCorrection for hearing sensitivity at ultrasonic sounds
Weight AUCombination of A and C
dB to PhonesConversion from measured level to perceived level
Phones to dBConversion from perceived to measured level

Input values

FrequenceFrequence of sound
TemperatureTemperature of air
Moving speedSpeed difference between sound source and listener
Rel. humidityHumidity of air, use Weather and air for conversion from other units (dewpoint)
PressureActual air pressure, leave empty for standard sea level pressure.
DistanceDistance to calculate attenuation and run time for
Phons.Perceived sound level
dBMeasured sound level

Output values

SpeedSpeed of sound at specified conditions
Closing freq.Frequence if distance between sound source and listener is decreasing (doppler effect)
Opening freq.Frequence if distance between sound source and listener is increasing (doppler effect)
Att.Attenuation of sound in air at specified distance
Run timeTime for sound to move specified distance
x-WeigthSee "Functions" above
Sound pressureMeasured sound level
Sound loudnessPerceived sound level


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