MiscEl: Wires

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Calculations on a single or double wire

Input fields

Solid wire/Multiple strandsAll calculations can be done with "Solid wire". The "multiple strands" options may be used when working with multiple strands wires
Wire dimensionWrite wire dimension in box with appropriate unit
StrandsNumber of strands in a multiple strand wire
Total wire dimensionWrite total wire dimension in box with appropriate unit
Wire length PWrite wire length in box with appropriate unit
Wire temperatureWrite wire temperature in box with appropriate unit
MaterialSelect conductor material
CurrentWrite expected current in wire

Output fields

ResistanceResistance in wire at specified temperature
Max. currentTypical max. current for this wire, specified temperature is assumed to be enviroment temperature.
A long wire may have to high voltage loss at this current!
Loss voltageVoltage loss in wire
Loss powerPower loss in wire
Current density
Vol. current density
Vol. power density
Total volumeTotal volume of wire (isolation not included)
WeightWeight of wire (isolation not included)
For 1 meterParameters calculated for one meter of wire
For a double wireParameters calculated for a cable